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Simple and Easy are not the same thing

Public Speaking

I am available to speak to civic groups, schools and
other forums on topics related to relationships, children,
families and the American culture.

Some of my topics include:

The Enlightenment and Modern America
What Teenagers Need to Thrive
Where are the Kings?
The Surprising History of Public Schools
Prosperity is Good
The Frantic Life of the Young Child
The Hidden Cost of Daycare
The Balm of the Natural World
Marriage is for Grown-ups
The Virtue of Personal Responsibility

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Parenting Classes

I offer a six-week course based on the work of Montessori,
Piaget and Erickson. Translating the work of these
theorists into a user-friendly, hands-on course, families
can learn strategies to successfully accompany their
children to maturity.

School Consultation

I work with schools and parents to incorporate and
strengthen Montessori's central insights into everyday
life at home and school. Presentations can be adapted
to the school's individual specifications including staff
in-service, parent night talks and classroom observation
and feedback.

I also collaborate with my colleague, Janet Engel for
many presentations. Please contact me for further information.

Parent and Family Coaching

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and download my brochure. PDF Format.

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