Donohue’s work as a Montessori speaker, writer and consultant focuses on Montessori philosophy; not only Montessori’s writings and theories, but also in supporting Montessorians as they implement these ideals in their practice and in their lives. A Montessorian since 1980, Donohue holds AMS credentials at both the infant/toddler and early childhood levels. Her Masters in Humanities thesis delved into the History of Montessori in America. She’s served as a lead guide, a teacher mentor and teacher educator, having taught Montessori philosophy at Montessori Education Center of the Rockies in Boulder Colorado where she now guest lectures.

Donohue conducts staff development sessions and parent night talks at Montessori schools around the country, and speaks at local, regional and national conferences. She’s published in Montessori journals and sits on the editorial board of Infants and Toddlers magazine. She works with families on parenting issues, conducts parent education sessions and is the creator of Aidan’s Muddy Adventure, a DVD showcasing the importance of nature for children.

Donohue also collaborates with Janet Wolfe Engel in working with Montessorians to further the understanding of Maria Montessori’s insights into the nature of the Child. They conduct staff development presentations, classroom observations and parent education for Montessori schools. They also present at local, regional and national Montessori conferences including workshops entitled, Revisiting Montessori Philosophy, and Unsettled Children in an Unsettled World. This year they have created a brand new workshop entitled, The Disorderly Children: A Montessori Approach.
"Donohue is an inspirational speaker. Her delivery was clear, sprinkled with humor, and left us feeling rejuvenated and inspired to get back to our roots as Montessorians."
Kathy Farfsing
Cincinnati Montessori Society

"Donohue combines her deep understanding of Montessori philosophy and practice with a clear, articulate, and entertaining presentation style. The result is very effective staff development programs that benefit teachers at all experience levels, and practical, supportive parent education meetings."
Kay Neff, Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Director, Dearborn Heights Montessori School

"Just what I needed . . . it
refreshed my spirit.
Donna Kaiser, Ft. Wayne IN
AMS Teacher Section Head 2004-2007

"I would like to thank you for your presentation at my daughter’s school. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us change our lives."
Loralie Cole, Denver, CO

"I got excited all over again about being in service to the child."
Debbie Walker, Gig Harbor, WA

"I appreciate Donohue’s dedication to the Montessori philosophy and education of children. She has documented research and is an organized and dynamic speaker. She offered new ideas and gave times for questions and comments."
Mike Malterre, Co-Founder
Treasure Valley Montessori Conference,
Eagle, Idaho

"It was inspiring to see and hear your love of Montessori."
Vanessa Olsen, Kendallville, IN

"I was a better teacher because I spent my day with you."
Dawn Allen, Oklahoma City, OK

"Our school was lucky enough to have Donohue spend a full day with us: a morning observing the classroom, mid-day offering suggestions to faculty and an evening parent night. The teachers felt supported, connected and inspired in a meaningful way. And now, months later, parents are still talking about Donohue's lecture as the moment they finally understood the Montessori method in a practical way. Thank you for sharing your insights, experience and wisdom with us."
Lisa Smith, Head of School,
Hawthorne Montessori School, Austin, TX
"The purpose of our work as Montessorians is to embody the ideal of humanity for the children we serve."
P. Donohue Shortridge


for schools and regional/national conferences

School In-Service

for seasoned Montessorians, and for assistants, administrators and support staff


administration issues re: staffing, enrollment and parent relations

Head Start and Montessori
combining the two

In-class Observations
for teacher support and classroom management

Parent Education
parent night talks and parenting courses

Keynote Speaker
for conferences, seminars and banquets

"Montessori is a lived experience for the child, for the adult, and for the world."
P. Donohue Shortridge

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