For Parents
•  The Frozen Phenomenon
•  Your Cell Phone or Your Life
•  Discipline as Guidance
•  Gifts for Adolescents
•  Children in Nature: Why It Matters
•  The Montessori Family's Role
•  Spring Cleaning as Brain Food
•  Clearing the Clutter Feeds the Brain
•  The Hazards of Organized Activities for Children
    Under 12 Years Old
•  Protecting Children During a Horrific Event
•  What About Halloween?
•  Happy Feet: Sinking Into the Ocean
•  Happy Feet Two: An Incoherent Mishmash of Pop
    Culture, Child Peril and Eco-Fear Mongering


For Montessorians
•  Preparing Your Montessori Self for the New School Year
•  Spring is Here
•  The Child, The Adult and the Prepared
•  The Absorbent Mind and the Sensitive Periods
•  Movement, Intelligence and Independence
•  Building Trust with Infants and Toddlers
•  Cosmic Education for Infants and Toddlers
•  Maria Montessori and Educational Forces
    in America


•  Out Where the Human Storm Rages
•  The Extraordinary Gift
•  The Dissolute Children
•  The Normal Children
•  No Exits
•  Ode to Marriage







Children manifest what nature intends for humans; it is in our nature to be nurtured.

P. Donohue Shortridge






Style Note: My articles and essays include sentences in which the pronouns "he" or "it" are used as a generic reference to "the child."


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