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For Parents
Manners, Naturally
Is Screen Time What You Really Want For Your Child?
Your Cell Phone or Your Life
Five Arguments in Favor of the Montessori Early Childhood Capstone Year
Discipline as Guidance
Gifts for Adolescents
Children in Nature: Why It Matters
The Montessori Family's Role
Spring Cleaning as Brain Food
Clearing the Clutter Feeds the Brain
The Hazards of Organized Activities for Children Under 12 Years Old
Protecting Children During a Horrific Event
What About Halloween?
Happy Feet: Sinking Into the Ocean
Happy Feet Two: An Incoherent Mishmash of Pop Culture,
         Child Peril and Eco-Fear Mongering
The Frozen Phenomenon
For Montessorians
Preparing Your Montessori Self for the New School Year
Spring is Here
The Child, The Adult and the Prepared Environment
The Absorbent Mind and the Sensitive Periods
Movement, Intelligence and Independence
Building Trust with Infants and Toddlers
Cosmic Education for Infants and Toddlers
Maria Montessori and Educational Forces in America
Out Where the Human Storm Rages
The Extraordinary Gift
The Dissolute Children
The Normal Children
No Exits
Ode to Marriage
You are hereby granted a one-time license to print and distribute any of these commentaries, articles and essays, but each on only in its entirety and with attribution to me.
Style Note: My articles and essays include sentences in which the pronouns "he" or "it" are used as a generic reference to "the child."
Children manifest what nature intends for humans; it is in our nature to be nurtured.
P. Donohue Shortridge