"When I was a child...I knew the secret. I claimed my life, naturally, joyfully. There was no hesitation in my step or
halt in my voice.

I was not cautious and I was not afraid. And because I knew the world's splendor awaited my discovery, unbridled curiosity propelled me forward. And I, I was who I really am. I was in love with my life."

The insight of the universal Child

Aidan's Muddy Adventure illustrates how children thrive in the natural world. It gives viewers who might otherwise shy away from allowing their child to get muddy, wet and cold, a real life example of what is possible and optimal. Even the youngest child needs to be set free in the natural world. The impressions of nature that this age child takes in now, allows him to comprehend it more fully when he is older.

This DVD is useful for teachers to show at parent nights and for parents to own themselves to have a model for taking their own children out into the natural places, as well as for community members who seek to champion natural places for the children in their midst.

A few facts: DVD is 13 minutes long;
Aidan is 2 1/2 years old; video was filmed in Colorado


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