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About Donohue

Upon the rock of Man, the cultural foundation is laid.

My Philosophy

America's greatest asset is the fully lived lives of its citizens.
Each one of us has within us the capacity to flourish, but many
Americans have forgotten how, or chosen not to access this
flame of passionate living and instead have settled for merely
existing. I believe this can change. We can honor our authentic
nature that was alive in childhood and bring forth the promise
of those innocent years into our life today and beyond. It is
not self-indulgent that we do this work. It is an obligation we
have as humans to demonstrate a fully lived life to all those
around us and in particular, to the children in our midst. They
need a reflection of their innate wonder at the world and their
yearning to understand everything. They deserve an affirmative
model of what it is to be fully alive. My mission is to foster the
authentic life of children and their families in the American culture.

About Donohue Shortridge

Living in America for over a half century, I am in awe of the
promise of the American ideal. Each one of us can pull ourselves
up by the bootstraps and make of our life what we will.
I discovered Montessori in the late 70s and have been studying
and adapting this approach ever since. I earned my American
Montessori Society credential in both Infant/Toddler and Early
Childhood and am a visiting instructor of Montessori Philosophy
at the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies. I hold a B.A.
in Behavioral Sciences and a Master in the Humanities. I believe
Montessori's central tenets can be expanded to how we live our
adult lives as well as how we engage with children. My work
includes personal and family coaching, public speaking, school
consultations and parent education.

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