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"Donohue holds AMS Infant & Toddler and Early Childhood credentials, a strong commitment to the continuation of her own learning in the areas of brain research and development, and a deep passion for sharing the Montessori approach to life with parents, teachers, school staff, administrators, and community members."
~ Merrie B. King, Ed.D, Executive Director, Montessori Education Center of the Rockies (MECR)
My Philosophy

America's greatest asset is the fully lived lives of its citizens. Each one of us has within us the capacity to flourish. We can honor our authentic nature that was alive in childhood and bring forth the promise of those perceptive years into our life today and beyond. It is not self-indulgent that we do this work, it is an obligation we have as humans to demonstrate a fully-lived life to all those around us and in particular, to the children in our midst. They need a reflection of their innate wonder at the world and their yearning to understand everything. They deserve an affirmative model of what it is to be fully alive. My mission is to foster the authentic life of children and their families in the American culture.

My Services

My work with Montessori schools focuses on Montessori philosophy; not only Dr. Montessori's writings and theories, but also in supporting Montessorians as they implement these ideals in their practice and in their lives. I've been doing this work a long time. I have a masters degree and also hold AMS credentials at both the infant/toddler as well as early childhood levels. I've been a Montessori guide, a teacher educator, a Montessori mentor and resolute explicator of the fundamentals of Montessori philosophy. I specialize in staff development workshops as well in-class observations and feedback. I also conduct parent night sessions at your Montessori school. Additionally, I present at local, regional and national conferences on topics relating to Montessori philosophy as well as children and families in the modern culture.

My Promise

My approach to service is one-on-one, individually-oriented to your specific situation. We'll spend time up front exploring how I may be of service to you based on your unique set of circumstances. You will have my full attention and I will take on your project with professional dedication.

"Donohue combines her deep understanding of Montessori philosophy and practice with a clear, articulate, and entertaining presentation style. The result is very effective staff development programs that benefit teachers at all experience levels, and practical, supportive parent education meetings."
~ Kay Neff, Director, Dearborn Heights Montessori School Dearborn Heights, Michigan
"I appreciate Donohue's dedication to the Montessori philosophy and education of children. She has documented research and is an organized and dynamic speaker. She offered new ideas and gave time for questions and comments."
~ Mike Malterre, Co-Founder, Treasure Valley Montessori Conference, Eagle, Idaho